What We Produce

... with a passion for what we are doing.

We’ve a passion what we do, we love, respect & appreciate our animals and you will love our produce. Our animals are raised in the most ethical way. We pride ourselves on this. Shipley's farm is a mixed farming enterprise producing the following seasonally.


Pastured Beef

Our herd of cattle is managed in a way that’s closest to natural as possible. We move our cows each day to fresh pasture employing hi-tech lightweight electric fencing and portable water infrastructure. This mimics natural herbivore behaviour in the wild producing a wonderfully rich and diverse perennial pasture that nourishes our animals. Diversity stimulates rich nutrient exchange in the soil meaning the animals benefit from all the natural nutrients they require and the benefits are passed onto you. And because they are moved so frequently and the pastures are rested sufficiently they are naturally parasite free which means no harmful chemicals. This is simply the best beef that you can buy for your family, knowing that it’s safe and healthy.


Pasture raised Lamb and Hogget

Our sheep are Wiltshire Horn, a shedding sheep, meaning that we don't have to shear them. They spend their whole lives eating grass, are moved every couple of days and are never fed grain. Sheep are herbivores and should not eat grain!!

The flavour of our sheep meat is just amazing, in part due to the fact that they are a little older than many other lambs which are grown for meat, when they are killed. Our animals only have one bad day in their lives!


Pastured Meat Chickens

(Read the story below and believe it. We have a licence to construct our own chicken abattoir on the farm, but due to being overworked and older than we used to be, we haven't gone ahead with the abattoir. We are interested in talking to anyone who would like to do the meat birds on the farm. We are certified bio-dynamic, the birds would be, and it is a great opportunity.)

Do you remember what chicken used to taste like? Maybe, or perhaps you’ve never tasted real chicken before! Words can’t describe the difference between industrially produced ‘chicken’ (organically fed or otherwise) and real pastured raised chicken – there is just no comparison. When you taste one of our chickens you’ll realise that what the ‘duopoly’ have been offering isn’t chicken at all. Don’t be duped. Our birds are raised in specially constructed movable pens which give them access to fresh pasture everyday. The pens are moved everyday. All the wonderful benefits of a life on pasture translate into the tastiest, healthiest chicken to feed your family.

Beyond Free-Ranging Pigs (This is how pigs should be raised)

There is something wonderful about pigs, and we love providing our customers with wonderful pork.

We have stopped growing our own pigs and now source pigs from friends who have true free range pigs, grown using bio-dynamic methods (not certified though) and they taste just wonderful. Because these pigs are true free range, they take a little longer to grow and this means that we don't have a supply at all times. We do have pork on a fairly regular basis though and you won't regret buying it from us.

We are constantly given feedback that our pork  is “the best I’ve ever eaten”!!