How Should We Farm?

Dec 08, 2013



How Should We Then Farm

 .   You might be able to go a couple of months between haircuts or oil changes on your car, but a full week without groceries and you may have a better appreciation for the origin of your food.  Only a hermit could doubt the shortcomings of our current food production system.  The most devastating results being that the people of this nation are some of the unhealthiest in the world even though we spend more per capita on health care than most other countries.


  Many of our farmers have swallowed the silly pill and keep bantering about and beating their chests proclaiming to be the best farmers in the world and claim to be feeding the world.  Well, I guess if you keep screaming that the naked King is dressed well while he parades among his peasants in his shorts, everything keeps rolling along just fine.  And then the little boy in the back row says, "What about all these sick people?"   Why do two out of three men in Australia  and one out of three women get cancer?   Why do one in 52 children now develop signs of Autism when just a few years ago it was one in 270,000?  Why do so many people now have diabetes, MS, thyroid and other endocrine issues, and a whole list of very serious ailments almost unknown only a decade or so ago?  The common denominator is food.  And we eat differently than almost everywhere else in the world.  And the problem starts at the farm gate. 


Our food is literally laced with chemicals even before the seed is developed and continues to be bathed in pesticides, herbicides, processed through hydrogenation, chlorination, or zapped with many different forms of sprays, radiation, or other chemical treatments before it reaches the room that adds the chemical colouring, flavouring, or scents that somehow have been approved by our own government but are known worldwide to cause birth defects, cancers, abortions, sterility, and even death.


 Now I say we can limit some of this if we will begin purchasing only REAL food.  And real food is easy to identify because you are able to determine its origin by a simple glance.  One easy step to go through before you put that so called food into your grocery cart is to simply determine which of the three places that food was sourced from.  You see all REAL food comes from only one of three places.  All REAL food either comes from a farm, a forest, or a body of water somewhere like a stream or ocean.  And REAL food only has one name.  A tomato doesn't need a label with umpteen three and four syllable words describing its contents.  But how that tomato is produced is the responsibility of some farmer somewhere unless you raised it yourself.  And that farmer is the one who makes the choice whether or not he poisons it while he grows it.  And I'm sorry to say that in Australia  today most of it is dipped, draped, soaked, altered, or otherwise poisoned with a very long line of serious chemicals at or near the farm.  And no one is holding a gun at that farmer's head.  The farmer alone makes the decision to raise GMO food and spray it.  He is educated enough to know better when the chemical and seed salesmen tells him not to worry; these chemicals are safe so go ahead and poison away.  The farmer does the poisoning with his own free will. 


So "How Then Shall We Farm" should be the question we ask ourselves and the farmers who grow our food.  I believe that good farmers will surface and begin making the changes on their farms to produce quality food in Australia once again.  But they are only going to change their ways enmasse if the consumer demands it.   So, by association we can interpolate that it is the consumer's dollar that is the key ingredient in changing the poisonous food system into a REAL food system.  Demand chemical free food each time you go to your local grocery store.  These guys are in business and want your business.  If you walk out with an empty grocery cart enough times things will happen for the better.