Our Philosophy

 Shipley’s Farm is offering a more connected experience to our clients.

We’re returning people to the farming landscape nourished by food they trust. We are very concious of the fact that most of us have become removed from where or how our food is produced, to our detriment. We see the people for whom we produce quality food as partners in our endeavours. It is obvious to us that they are very concious of their health and that of their families, and therefore very aware of the connection between themselves and the farm from where they buy their food. We all need to be very connected to the farm and the land and realise that this is so important for our health and well being.

To heal the farm we must heal our community.

Practicing the art of farm husbandry is noble when the goal is to restore balance and health to the farm, but to achieve this, locals must support production. In short, to create the healthiest, most productive farm imaginable, it must be connected to a healthy local community. The two are connected intrinsically and the suffering of one leads to the suffering of the other.

We want your feedback to enable us to continue to improve our farm, the health of our animals and thereby, the health of our clients.