Demeter Bio-Dynamic

We are asked why we chose to be certified with Demeter.

Demeter Bio-dynamics is not just about not using artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms, but one of CREATIVITY. By the correct application of the soil builder, “prepared 500”, holistic grazing methods and careful management of the land, new structured humus rich soil is created.

We have been certified organic previously and, while we felt that this was a step in the right direction as far as soil building, sustainability and therefore healthier foods was concerned, we can now see that using the methods promoted by Demeter are far more satisfying. In the short time we have been using the prepared 500, we can see a marked improvement in our soils and as a result, our pastures have improved significantly. With our holistic grazing methods which means using our sheep, cattle and chickens on the pastures in sequence, the improvement in stock health and the resultant quality of our produce has also shown to be outstanding.

Bio-dynamic farming methods used by farmers dedicated to improving the structure of the soil, have shown to produce truly healthy soils, plants and animals. Our aim is to grow and produce healthy, nutrient dense foods which will assist our customers in their search for a healthier life.