Beyond Organic

To quote Alex Podolinsky -

 'in bio-dynamic's we are builders of health-not healers of sickness'


Shipley’s Farm has decided to use biodynamic methods to improve our farm.

This means using the Preparations recommended by the Bio Dynamic Research Institute (Demeter) each year to encourage microbial activity and constantly improve our soil health.

We call ourselves “Beyond Organic” for several reasons. In part because we believe that the above mentioned methods are a step above the traditional organic systems. We’ve been certified organic in a previous life and have a few reservations regarding this method of farming.

By using Holistic principles, we believe we are much closer to emulating nature and therefore creating something closer to perfect than otherwise achievable – let’s face it, Nature hasn’t done a bad job over the years. It is very apparent to us that the problems associated with the land and farming today are a result of everything that we have all done to get to this point, and our aim is to do our utmost to improve our soils, animals and our health as much as we can.